Getting the right people on board begins with being able to accurately define the skills, attitudes and behaviours you want those people to have.


Secondly it means measuring all relevant factors accurately, fairly and comprehensively.


Lastly it means presenting the outputs of assessments in such a way that they make immediate sense of all those who want to use the results to assessment individuals, leaders, teams, or entire talent groups.


We provide advice and expertise to help you define the success profile you are looking for, the tools and process to measure these accurately yet also support your employers brand, and the reporting frameworks and style to ensure all results are easily understood and utilised.

We offer:

  • Executive assessment for selection

  • Psychometric product design and delivery

  • Assessment and development centres

  • Competency based interviews

  • Situational judgement tests

  • Cultural fit assessment

  • In-depth profiling

  • Emotional Intelligence profiling and coaching

  • Baseline Assessments of intellect, drive, EQ, and Learning Quotient

  • Skills and attitude assessments


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